Hotel Imperiale is located in the heart of Fiuggi Fonte, the newer part of the city where the large SPA parks, most hotels, and the best shopping stores are located. The older part, represented by the medieval village or historic center, is situated at the top of the hill upon which the entire city is nestled.


About Fiuggi

Located in the picturesque high countryside of Rome, at an elevation of approximately 700 meters above sea level, the city is only 80 km away from the capital and 30 km from the provincial capital of Frosinone.

The territory extends from the slopes of the Monti Ernici, reaching nearly 2000 meters in height, down to the valley floor, where Lake Canterno is located. Lake Canterno has recently been transformed into a natural park of wild beauty.

The landscape, with extensive stretches of oak and chestnut forests, as well as grazing meadows, is characterized by vibrant greenery, ensuring fresh and clean air.

The city is rich in cultural attractions, such as cinemas, theaters, and events, and offers many opportunities for sports enthusiasts, including an 18-hole golf course, a riding stable, tennis and football fields, and several swimming pools.